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January 12, 2017 0

1. Perk up a saggy butt

Our bottoms tend to be less buoyant as gravity pulls them down.

Solution 1: Buy jeans that have at least 2 percent Lycra or other stretch to perk up that saggy butt.

Solution 2: There’s always a butt lift.

2. Shine up your tresses

Solution 1: Add conditioning gloss or a shine serum to help your hair sparkle and counteract the years of damage from blow-drying, coloring and flat ironing.

Solution 2: Give you hair an enriching treat by applying Vitapoint, Olive Oil, Morrocan Oil or other enriching oil based formula

3. Be careful with hair color

Solution 1: Avoid over-highlighting your blond hair, because you don’t want to lose the golden tones that keep it looking youthful and pretty. Avoid too dark colored hair as it is unnatural.

Solution 2: Turn it over to a skilled professional hair colorist.

4. Find the perfect bra

A good bra elevates your chest, giving you a longer, slimmer-looking waist.

Solution 1: Spend time in the dressing room trying on different bras under a smooth fitting top.

Solution 2: Get some expert advice.

5. Add volume to your lips

Our lips lose volume as we get older

Solution 1: Avoid dark, matte lipsticks as they accentuate the thinness of aging lips. Switch to pink gloss for younger looking lips.

Solution 2: Seek out the advice of a cosmetician to help you select the most becoming lipstick color for you.

6. Fake an eye lift

Solution 1: Use a light-colored shadow near your lash line and a deeper shade in an arc above the crease where the lid is dropping.

Solution 2: Go for the real McCoy, a bletharoplasty, aka an eyelift

7. Brighten up with concealer

Solution 1: Use concealer under your eyes every day.

Solution 2: Go for the real McCoy, a bletharoplasty, aka an eyelift

8. Fill out your cheeks

As we age the fat pads in our cheeks tend to fall.

Solution 1: To defy nature, use a bright pink blush to illuminate the cheekbone and draw the eye upward.

Solution 2: Dermal filler injections can do wonders, but not for those on a modest budget.

9. Flatter your complexion

Solution 1: As you get older and your skin produces less oil, dewy makeup is more flattering. Forget the powder makeups and start using an oil based foundation instead.

Solution 2: Avoid thick foundation lotions. If you slather foundation directly over aging skin, you’re likely adding years to your appearance. That thick top coat tends to break into deep cracks, which look far worse than the fine lines you’re tried to hide.

Apply moisturizer, primer, then a light liquid foundation for additional skin-plumping moisture. You might try tapping it in gently with a sponge, rather than rubbing it in.

Solution 3: Find a fabulous, experienced esthetician and get some expert advice. Microdermabrasion or laser treatments might do wonders for the appearance of your skin.

10. Reduce fine lip lines. 

Smoking is one certain causes of lip lines. If you avoid smoking, you an effectively help  prevent them from forming.  you can do to minimize lip lines.

Solution 1: Avoid strong, repeated expressions as hard scowls to help diminish lip lip lines.

Solution 2: Use a topical retinoid (preferably prescription strength) at night. This will stimulate collagen and elastin production to help fill in the lines over time.

Solution 3: Seek out the advice of a plastic surgeon or dermatologist. Very small amounts of Botox can help soften the muscles that contribute to the fine lines.  Alternately, a soft filler such as Restylane can fill in the deeper lines.


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