Acne or pimples are common in teens but can be seen even in older adults. If left untreated, Acne can leave scars & lower your self esteem.No matter how severe, we’ll take care of it.

Acne occurs when hair follicles are clogged with dead skin cells and oil from the skin. There is eruption of blackheads or whiteheads, pimples, skin becomes oily and there can be scarring. It is caused primarily due to the hyperactivity of the oil glands and is commonly seen on shoulders, upper arms, face, chest, and back. It may also be due to hormonal imbalance, stress, pollution, etc. Whatever may be the reason behind acne, we have tailor made treatments for you.With advances in technology, the treatment for acne is successful to a large extent now. A key to deal with acne is early and prompt treatment under guidance of expert dermatologists. PLAC has become the choicest destination for many in this segment.

Why Do You Need To Take Early Treatment?

Acne can affect one both physically & mentally. It therefore needs to be dealt early by qualified professionals.It can either leave behind brown to black marks or scars if not treated early. They are more common in coloured skin. The scars can even be permanent leaving the texture of the skin uneven.When the initial stage of acne is not treated at the stage of blackheads and whiteheads, they evolve to become big, unsightly pimples and get deeper into skin increasing the tendency for marks and scars. With prompt treatment, not only the new eruptions are prevented but also the excess oil on the face is reduced.

Pimple Removal Treatment

Frustrated with acne breakouts? Yes, you’re not alone. Countless people across the globe struggle with pimples or acne. Acne not only spoils the skin but also affect one’s confidence. For many, the condition lasts much longer than the typical teenage phase of bad skin and this can cause untold distress. The sequel to inadequately treated acne or unaddressed acne is the acne scars which can lower the self esteem. Preventing and limiting scarring by early treatment of acne is the best treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions On Pimples/Acne Treatment

How is acne caused?

There are multiple reasons that can cause acne, alone or in combination such as hormonal imbalance, puberty related changes and most importantly stress and  pollution. The other causes could be usage of substandard cosmetics, smoking, drugs, etc. Recently, it has been found that diet consisting of high fat and dairy content may be a reason behind acne.

Any home remedy to avoid pimples?

Home remedies may or may not work for acne. Sometimes they may make the skin worse. It is always advised to follow Dermatologist’s advice in this regard before resorting to any such methods. Other simple care at home would be to use a suitable cleanser as per the type of skin, drink adequate water, follow a balanced diet and get enough rest. Stress is a key reason for pimples to worsen.

What Are there different stages of acne?

Acne is graded based on the predominant type of eruption.
Grade 1 is usually the blackheads and whiteheads
Grade 2 is papules which are the pink bumps and painful to touch.

Grade 3 is pustules which are big pimples containing pus.
Grade 4 is nodules which are the big, painful, solid bumps with extensive  scarring.

How are the treatments different?

Treatment for acne depends on the extent and severity of the skin problem. The skin type is first ananlyzed before dermatologist provides the apt solution. At times acne can subside through medications such as antibiotic creams, face washes according to skin type, moisturizers, and sunscreen lotions. At PLAC, acne control peels  & laser treatments are done with sophisticated lasers to improve the acne along with medicines as medical treatment alone may not help. In case of severe and large acne, intralesional injections are given.

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What treatments are offered at PLAC?

Come done extraction and acne control peels which are quite popular at Punarnawah are done under supervision of the dermatologist.  Light based therapy is a latest and advanced fluorescent technology used to treat flat pink scars. This is more suitable for working professionals who cannot cater much time for sessions as it carries no downtime. PLAC also boasts of an innovative technology with the very sophisticated Q switched Nd;YAG called Gold Toning. Latest innovative treatments like Micro needling RF are incorporated to treat the Acne scars as well.

What is Gold Toning?

Gold Toning is the latest solution to treat inflammatory acne, post-acne redness and facial flushing which have been difficult to treat with other methods.

How is Gold Toning performed?

The laser beam penetrates the skin and is absorbed by the chromophores,thereby helping with the normalisation of the target dilated vasculatureaddition to reducing the pore size and removing pigmentation.