About Us

Punarnawah, for the past 19 years, is entirely devoted to ethical practice in the field of Dermatology and Aesthetics.

With growing demand for aesthetic procedures, Dr. Geraldine Jain started a one stop solution, state-of-the art, fully equipped laser centre to reach out to patients for both their clinical & aesthetic needs.

Punarnawah is located in prime locations. The clinics have a pleasing ambiance intact with the rich Rajasthan culture, spacious waiting lounges, fully equipped OTs with cutting edge technology, making the visit, a completely unique and satisfying experience.

Providing an elegant and charming ambiance to patients, Punarnawah became an instant success and enjoys the loyal patronage of well-known names within Jaipur and from all over India and abroad.

Carrying forward her vision of offering a highly personalised and medically sound experience to her patients each time, Dr. Geraldine Jain with her team of highly skilled staff provide various types of treatments and conduct procedures under the strictest medical codes.

In its 19th year now, Punarnawah has not lost its touch for perfection and beauty and continues to grow larger each year.

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